Thank you for waiting. Post No. 1 with new blog host

We’ve moved from Blogger to WordPress as host of the Miami-Dade Dems blog. The aim is the same, the quality is intended to be a bit higher.

Now is the time for all of us to aim for more quality and better performance. The Aug. 24 primary is only a few weeks away, and absentee ballots already are arriving. The general election on Nov. 2 is 13 weeks away, a cool quarter-year, time to be a better blogger, be a better campaigner, a better candidate. All of us Democrats in between are called on to be brave and hard-working.

This blog should be where we talk about our events and our message, and what’s on our minds. Enjoy, and feel free to use the comments section. No need to log in or forfeit your privacy. Just tap the Comment button and let ‘er rip.

And here’s a reminder of the excitement we enjoy.

I love you more -- Candidate Obama in Miami August 2007


One Response

  1. Look forward to reading your blog posts. We thoroughly enjoy using WordPress for our blog. Check us out at

    Thanks for all you do !

    Lilly Chiu

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