FL gets sideswiped in NY Times

File this under Cranky Critic. I’ve found the NY Times Florida coverage pretty good lately, what with our colorful primary contests, so I clicked on the lead story of Tuesday’s online Times because it had Florida in the teaser graf, and I looked forward to reading insightful stuff about our state. Florida was not in the first sentence, to be sure — that was about John McCain and the Arizona primary challenge he faces — but FL was wrapped in the second sentence along with Alaska as the two other states having primaries.

Then the story itself did not have Florida in the lead paragraph anymore, and in fact the only mention was a quick swipe saying the “main action” was the Democrats’ contest for who will be the nominee for US Senate. Wait a minute, what about the Republicans running for governor? Also “main action” candidates, I’d think. But no, never a mention again of  what’s up in FL.

Your cranky critic here is imagining the Times editor who was tasked with giving the Arizona story a bit of a national gloss, and only a few words were available to make the darn thing fit. Twitter is good practice.


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