Kendrick Meek 7 key points to win US Senate seat

Those who follow this blog (Are there any such?) saw some hours ago a quick post with a fuzzy photo and the caption ”Kendrick Meek Victory.” My caption said this was Kendrick Meek before 20 TV cameras that would show the world he was a winner who would take back that 60th US Senate seat.

It was a photo from my iPhone. I emailed it immediately to an address associated with this blog, and it appeared here right away — almost live coverage. Then I pocketed the iPhone and raised my little Flip camcorder and pointed it at the rostrum for almost 8 minutes to capture most of the Congressman’s speech. Hours later now, after processing it in the laptop at home and uploading it to Youtube for seasoning, the video is ready in its raw and uncut form.

Forgive me for the rough quality. I wish it had been a powerful camera mounted on a sturdy tripod, but it’s all I have and I’m only so tall and not very strong to hold it up and steady for a long time. God forgive me for not being taller and stronger – No, wait, it’s God’s fault I’m not taller and stronger. Anyway, if the video is more than you can bear to watch, here’s my paraphrase of the essential points that Kendrick Meek must keep making to win this election. You also could run the video forward to the 4:50 mark.

His litany goes: I am the only candidate who …

  • Was against offshore oil drilling both before and after the spill
  • Always was against privatization of Social Security
  • Backed the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court
  • Supports women’s right to choose
  • Fought for comprehensive health care for all Americans
  • Favors ending the Bush tax cuts for the richest 1 percent of Americans
  • Wants to see the troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Against Meek’s progressive clarity, we have the foggy uncertainty of where Charlie Crist will stand, and the uncertain fogginess of what Marco Rubio means. Need I say more?

Did I mention that they’re both Republicans? They will split the Republican vote, and any Democrat out there who thinks to vote for Crist to keep Rubio out should notice that Kendrick Meek got almost 60 percent of the primary vote against a billionaire who spent like no tomorrow. Kendrick can get the vote. You will have to donate to help him, and then work like a good Democrat in the campaign, and get all your friends and relatives to vote, and we’ll have one less Republican and one more Democrat in the Senate.


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  1. Good video capture!

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