David Plouffe: Contact 15 million voters by election day

We have 50-some days, as David Plouffe says in this video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZnxfvimuUsY&hd=1

Yes, he’s back! The OFA guy who drove us without mercy to win the 2008 election, the presidency, the House and Senate. This video came out as Labor Day evaporated on the last summer breeze in most of the USA, and as we in Florida got wet and wetter in the rains of September. Watch it, please. Here are the cogent arguments for hard work in the coming 7-plus weeks.

We all look foward — Don’t we? — to learning how many voters we each have to contact and persuade to vote, to vote for Alex Sink for governor, for Kendrick Meek for US Senate, and for Joe Garcia and Ron Klein for the US House here in South Florida.

Your blogger tried to memorize the map of Florida and its blue patches there behind Plouffe, and it looked to me as if we have five US House seats in our radar throughout Florida. We can make the difference between a poor election result nationwide and a pretty good one if we replace a Republican with a Democrat in the US Senate, replace a Republican with a Democrat in the governor’s office in Tallahassee, and replace a Diaz-Balart with Democrat Joe Garcia in Congressional District 25.

And along the way we have terrific candidates for the Florida House and Senate on the Democratic ticket, and there are the anti-gerrymandering amendments on the ballot (Questions 5-6) and hometown Democrrcy (Question 4) where a Yes is called for in each box. There is so much to do.


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