GOP: Crist implicated in GOP finances fiasco

We already knew this, but it’s becoming more official. This is coming out Saturday from Republican Party officials. It’s now on the Orlando Sentinel website, and should be big news in Sunday’s papers.

You Democrats leaning to Charlie Crist for US Senate: How could you think of favoring this conservative who pockets political donations over a solid Democrat like Kendrick Meek?

And don’t forget that the other Republican running for US Senate, Marco Rubio, also is a misuser of political funds for his personal benefit. Rubio and Crist are both flagrant opportunists. Thank goodness they’re now going at each other tooth and claw, like what happened in the Republican gubernatorial primary between Rick Scott, a disgraced businessman, and Bill McCollum. If McCollum hadn’t been the Florida attorney general, this would have been in the courts long ago. Another reason, by the way, to have a real prosecutor like Democratic nominee Dan Gelber in the state attorney general’s office after the Nov. 2 election.


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