GOP lays out the art of the loaded question

There I was, reading my email, and off to the side was this list of Googly ads, the first four of which are copied here:
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Hey, let’s link over and take the National Republican Senatorial Committee survey and see what happens. So I linked over, and up came this phenomenally loaded question as the first item in the survey:

To get this nation back on track, our Party needs candid feedback. Business as usual won’t cut it. Please share your thoughts on each of the 6 questions on your 2010 Proxy Ballot by casting your confidential votes below.

  • 1) Do you think voters in your area are waking up to the real cost of letting Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi wreck this nation with Obamacare, “stimulus” packages, and big government takeovers?


Wow! A survey question loaded for grizzly! What are the brains like that concoct this as a survey? How about the brains that read it and check the boxes? I’d have to say I was unsure if voters in my area are waking up to what my socialist and communist government is doing to wreck this nation. Gosh, I haven’t checked with all of them. But I do appreciate that in those few lines of question, the NRSC  managed to load up the names of three Democratic villains (Oops, they’d say Democrat villains, not Democratic), and three boogey-man programs, plus the evocative verb phrase “wreck this nation.” That’s loaded. I bet these brains make big salaries with such talent. The Koch brothers must be pleased at their work.

Now comes the second question:

  • 2) Do you support the efforts of Republicans in Congress to work for free-market solutions to Healthcare Reform and Energy independence without raising taxes?


Why, sure, and the same Republicans in Congress are working on a free-market process to turn lead into gold, too.

Now, at question 3, things are getting personal.

  • 3) Which of the following Republicans is your first choice for the GOP presidential nomination?

Haley BarbourJeb BushMitch DanielsRon PaulNewt GingrichMike HuckabeeBobby JindalJohn McCainSarah PalinTim PawlentyMitt RomneyJohn ThuneOther

I’m big on Jeb Bush myself. Only in the throes of a presidential campaign would he have to explain his work as a consultant for Lehman after he left the Florida governorship in 2006, and how much he was paid for helping Lehman sell now worthless investments to the state government.

  • 4) Which of the following Republicans is your second choice for the GOP presidential nomination?

Haley BarbourJeb BushMitch DanielsRon PaulNewt GingrichMike HuckabeeBobby JindalJohn McCainSarah PalinTim PawlentyMitt RomneyJohn ThuneOther

Again, Jeb Bush is my guy.

What followed was a list of the wedge issues that I was supposed to rank in order of importance to me. Let’s not bore ourselves with them. It’s enough to admire these powerfully loaded probes of our opinions. The NRSC is going for grizzly.

Next, I plan to check out that new shaving machine from Gilette.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Miami,

    I enjoyed reading your post.
    I’m jealous; I didn’t receive any email from the NRSC, so with your permission I would like to use your questionnaire and reply the best I can to questions no one ask me:
    1. Hard to say, I thought after Bush left, there was nothing left to break, but I can promise that I will be extremely vigilant and defend my Medicare from any attempt of Government take over, and keep anything that can still be broken untouched by Democrat hands.
    2. Absolutely, I believe in Christmas
    3. None of the above, I am a Glenn Beck supporter. He is not running? Too bad, still none of the above.
    4. Second choice ? I take Sarah, yes Sarah. I believe history has a tendency to repeat. I definitively take Sarah.

    This is all, thank you for allowing me to have some fun.
    In case you are interested, I just wrote a piece on 9/11, burning the Koran and ( of course) Religion.
    You can find it at
    in the next day or so . It’s called “Conversations with Popov (11)

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