FL-25: Joe Garcia lays out jobs plan at flower business

Set aside the frivolity of most political news in the last few days. I mean, holy cow, the Republican primary winner in Delaware said what about masturbation?! (Hey, if the NY Times could bring it up in its first paragraph, so can I.) Florida has a well-earned reputation for political oddities, but right now on the Democratic side of the ledger we’re being serious, especially in Congressional District 25, which stretches from the western suburbs of Miami through alligator country in the Everglades to the eastern reaches of Naples in Collier County. Joe Garcia, Democratic nominee for District 25, is talking jobs and how to nurse the economy back to health. Evidence: this link will take you to his fine website and details of the 25 serious points to grow jobs in South Florida and the wider USA.

And here’s a slide show of some pix

your blogger snapped of Joe Garcia sitting down with people from the worlds of small businesses and community leadership on the work floor at Falcon Farms, a humming place in Doral where scores of people bundled fresh-cut flowers for shipment.

Joe’s program is the kind of thing that will work, if ever the voters send smart people to Congress and reject the ideologues who know only one song and sing it long after listeners say stop. They have a simple solution — lower taxes, less government, the market will rule — and apparently did not notice that the market went insane two years ago and that trickle-down has been proven anemic at best. Also, we need the right amount of government to protect the environment, public safety, national security and education. These things do not take care of themselves. They need intelligent direction. Go, Joe.


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