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Listen to this, those who think President Obama doesn’t know real folks

President Obama commented today on the bad census news on the middle class, and he said it twice:

“I want to repeat that.  Between 2001 and 2009, the incomes of middle-class families fell by 5 percent.”

It’s not in the text of his remarks, so I’ll say it for the record here. George W. Bush was president in the period under examination. That’s when he and Dick Cheney and Alan Greenspan were steering the economy so that riches went more than ever to the already rich, until finally the economy went to the brink of disaster. Republicans did that to the middle class, and were glad to do it, all the while misrepresenting themselves as compassionate conservatives.

The president’s comment on the poor outcome for the middle class was introduction to his naming of Elizabeth Warren to be in charge — without exactly being in the office, thanks to the obstructionism of Republicans — of the new agency to regulate consumer affairs, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The president, if you’ll read down a few paragraphs in his statement, reminds us that he hasn’t always been well-off in financial terms. He and Michelle had college loans, a mortgage, problematic credit card balances, and confusion in how to deal with them.  And Elizabeth Warren is a daughter of a janitor. So when the tea party people say the administration doesn’t understand them, I can only wonder, where are they coming from? Barack and Michelle both came from modest backgrounds. What more can people ask of them? To give up their degrees and knowledge? This sort of anti-Obama chatter is pure crap without basis in fact, and should be immediately challenged wherever it appears. Send that letter to the editor, comment in the on-line forums. Thank you.


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