Amendment 4: Business-friendly group stops saying No

This one comes up from the estimable Eye on Miami blog via the South Florida Daily Blog, though if you look up the latter’s link, it doesn’t take you to this interesting development on Amendment 4 but rather to a video supposedly showing a kid being depantsed on the flowrider at Gulfstream. As it happened your blogger gaped at first sight of the flowrider a couple months ago thinking what fun it would be to be a kid again and plunge into that water-park twister. Anyway, I kept reading Eye on Miami and found the above-linked piece on Amendment 4. This is called the Hometown Democracy amendment by supporters, while opponents whose brochures fell into my hand last week call it a “vote on everything” proposal that will gum up the courts and election day with stuff our elected representatives should be deciding.

The development that Eye on Miami wrote about occurred in the group called 1000 Friends of Florida. They had been against Amendment 4, and now they’re plumb neutral. Very interesting. As Eye on Miami says,

Considering the 1000 Friends group is so tied to its corporate board members/donors, this dumb ass, long-winded, neutral statement is a miracle.

Here’s the bottom line of the statement by 1000 Friends of Florida, after they say there are “serious flaws with Florida’s growth-management system:”

Whatever the outcome in November, Florida cannot return to “business as usual.” The recent economic crisis has proven all too clearly that a growth- and development-driven economy is costly, shortsighted, and untenable over the long haul.


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