FL-25: The Big Mo for Joe Garcia

Momentum is what your blogger sees in the Joe Garcia campaign for Congress in FL-25. Some complain of enthusiasm gap. Look at this video and see the fired-up campaign staff behind Joe:

Those are not actors. They’re field organizers who are recruiting volunteers in the hundreds for the final push to election, and the chair-thrower is Tarin Nix, campaign field director. In case you’re sitting back and thinking of helping out closer to election day Nov. 2, think again. The absentee ballots will go out soon. Early voting starts four weeks from today, mark your calendar for Oct. 18. This is the time to be doing the last things — not planning them.

My email this morning included a Democracy for America message backing Joe Garcia, and a few days ago the local DFA chapter urged members to volunteer for Joe in the DFA National Day of Action next weekend. The goal is to knock on 8,000 doors in this district that spans the western suburbs of Miami across the Everglades to parts of Naples on the Gulf Coast. That’s 8,000 doors during the weekend — the campaign already has 40,000 doors in the rear-view mirror.

So if you want to shed the enthusiasm-gap blues, head on over to the Joe Garcia campaign. They will pep you up.


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