FLSen: The tide is turning for Kendrick Meek

Here’s a post on Daily Kos that pretty well summarizes my feeling about the Florida US Senate race. People who gave up and started planning to vote for Charlie Crist in order to stop Marco Rubio were not making a good choice.

They somehow failed to notice that Kendrick Meek is a terrific Democrat who’s running against two Republicans in a state with more registered Democrats than Republicans.

They didn’t remember that Florida, despite its racist past, voted for a black candidate for US president only two years ago.

They hadn’t heard that the national Democratic Party and President Obama regard Florida in 2010 as a place to pick up Democratic seats — governor (Alex Sink), Senate (Kendrick Meek), US House (FL-25 Joe Garcia) — while other states figure to be dismal losses for the D column. This is why we’ve seen President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and President Bill Clinton here campaigning for Meek.

They were paying too much attention to early polls that put Meek in a low position statewide, and they didn’t notice that Meek, a Miami Congressman, was campaigning hard to become better known in the entire state. This is paying off with poll numbers trending up for him.

They were ignoring the calendar. Many voters make up their minds close to election time — not months in advance — for mid-term elections without a presidential choice at the top of the ticket. People are about to focus on this election in increasing numbers, and they will see two Republicans slashing each other and slinging mud with little regard for fair and balanced, and a Democrat telling a straight story about his positions and the opponents’.

So I’m glad to see the polls finally starting to turn and I look forward to Kendrick Meek in a strong and tenacious campaign to victory. What’s the alternative? Crist or Rubio as US Senator? Voters will come to say: Not for me. I’m for Kendrick Meek.


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