FLgov: Alex Sink charms TV

People who don’t warm up to Alex Sink after seeing this should check their human button. Is it turned off?

Especially charming was the way she exclaimed about loving to fish. And then there was the piquant look into her family background including her famous conjoined ancestor who passed on the lovely angle of her eyes. It’s also in Monday’s Miami Herald, in case you missed it (ICYMI, acronymically). Guess there was some synchronized release of this highly personal material about Alex Sink and her husband, Bill McBride, who also has run for governor.

I have acquaintances of Asian background who are tremendously enthusiastic about the Alex Sink candidacy, as she will be the first Thai-American state governor, in addition to being Florida’s first woman in the seat where she can veto the doozies that arise from the Republican legislature. And that’s what I really like about her –she will be a potent brake on the bane of Florida, the bills that posturing Republicans send up to the governor’s desk. We might have to get serious. Think of the alternative: Rick Scott, the disgraced businessman who thinks Florida can be bought. He would buy it, and then sell it.

Thanks to the Facebook channel of the Florida Progressive Coalition where I started browsing and happened upon the Alex Sink video. May I suggest that you follow that link and like, suggest and subscribe. The FPC is good people. Your present blogger sometimes posts there, and so could you.

Question to the Sink campaign: Why didn’t I get that link by your prolific email service first? Or is it more clever of you to have pumped it out first to your Facebook followers?


One Response

  1. Why Bill McCollum’s defense of Alex Sink should not be trusted.

    Bill McCollum is trying to save and recover his political legacy. Bill McCollum tried to stop gay adoption, tried to bring an Arizona-style law to Florida, and is trying to simply recover his political stature.

    Bill McCollum has endorsed poltical novice Republican Pam Bondi for the important position of attorney general. This position is a cabinet position and the Attorney General is the chief law enforcement officer of the state of Florida. If Bill McCollum really cared about the future well-being of the state of Florida he would endorse Dan Gelber for Attorney General. The state of Florida has many, many problems affecting its citizens. We are at a cross-roads on many local, state-specific legal issues. Pam Bondi has no political experience, is too partisan to represent all of our views, and is a less-qualified attorney than Dan Gelber. She is unwilling to even participate in a debate with Dan Gelber about our issues. She prefers to speak through Fox media and not through the debate process. We deserve to know the candidates and be able to vote intelligently.

    Bill McCollum does right by setting the record straight about Rick Scott but fails to help on the issue of Pam Bondi. Pam Bondi is not qualified to hold this important office. The state depends too much on the judgment of the Attorney General to place its well-being in the hands of Pam Bondi.

    Citizens of Florida should Vote for Dan Gelber, vote for Florida’s future. demand excellence from your poltical leaders and nothing less.


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