Karl Rove has $17 million for dirty tricks

Read about it at this link, to NewsMax. Well, this is going to be a dirty month on TV. This article about so-called Super PACs at least shows the Democratic side is about as numerous as the Republican side.

It’s disturbing to learn that Karl Rove’s PAC, called American Crossroads, has $17 million to spread on the Republican side.

At the end of this deluge of relentless sludgy advertising and mailers, let us hope the decent people of the USA rise and demand a change in the legal framework. Starting with a new Supreme Court, for instance, we could clean up this country. It will take a while to get there, but it starts with your vote in this election.

So again, your blogger is going to say that your US Senate vote is more important than ever. Do you think of voting for anyone but the Democrat, Kendrick Meek? Where do you think Charlie Crist would vote in a Senate confirmation for a Supreme Court nominee? Any differently than Marco Rubio? No, and now who’s your choice?


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  1. The Florida’s governor’s race is not the important race in this election.

    The race for the attorney general is the race that will most directly affect your life as a Floridian.

    In Florida, the chief legal representative of the people in Floirda is the attorney general, not the governor. The governor does not prosecute you, does not sue you and does not control the attorney general. The attorney general controls your legal rights and appeals court decisions.

    The attorney general is the most important race in this year’s election.

    Dan Gelber is the more qualified attorney to be our next attorney general. He is an independent thinker, not conflicted with any sitting politician, and will be able to investigate and prosecute crimes and frauds on the people of Florida.

    In this race experience and judgment do matter. His opponent, Pam Bondi, is not qualified to handle this important office.

    Vote for Dan Gelber, vote for Florida’s future.

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