Sneak peek at final drive for Miami-Dade Democratic Party; Plus Senate debate

There’s a nice slide show over on Picasa with pix of neighborhood leaders meeting with Democratic Party field organizers to get marching orders for the last month of the campaign.

Good to see that Kendrick Meek sign in the background. Did you see the debate on TV Tuesday night? Wow, Congressman Meek hit the right note a lot. Marco Rubio asserted the Republican NO repeatedly, while Charlie Crist did a fine job ripping up the way the Republican Party has veered off to the extreme radical right. Rubio riposted that Crist was criticizing positions he had held himself six months earlier. Sweet music to these Democratic ears.

If you missed the debate, catch it on C-Span and enjoy. This, I do believe, will become the upswing that we ride to victory in that US Senate race. I put a check in the mail today to the Meek campaign. How about you?


One Response

  1. Great photos of our Neighborhood team training. Please join our effort here with the Campaign for Accountability at our Miami Dade office – 801 Arthur Godfrey Road, Suite 402A, Miami Beach, FL. We need your help. Call Marcelo Ramirez at (352) 233-7008 to help.

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