FLSen: Another reason why Kendrick Meek must stay in this race

Are polls any good? Some professionals think they are not. Check out this writeup on Democratic Underground for current thinking, which especially focuses on local and state races, rather than national polling. And what’s Kendrick’s race? It’s statewide.

How is some of the polling done? You get a call and are supposed to respond to questions by pushing buttons on your phone. What? Oh, yes, that sounds like some of the calls I always — Always! — hang up on.

Otherwise, if an unrecorded voice reaches out from the phone line, I usually will start to respond as long as the converstation moves along briskly. Why? Because I want my progressive views to be reflected in polling. But I don’t want to deal with a machine calling me. And so my views are not included in so-called autodialer polling.

Anyway, read that piece in the Democratic Underground, linked above, and think about it. Thank you.


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