FLSen: Yet another reason for Kendrick Meek to stay in the race

People who keep speculating on who’s going to withdraw from the race to become US Senator from Florida should cross Kendrick Meek off their list. Evidence: President Obama has recorded a radio ad saying he strongly supports Congressman Meek for Senate. The text:

President Obama:

This is Barack Obama and I want you to know why I strongly support Kendrick Meek for U.S. Senate.

Kendrick’s been a powerful voice for Floridians: standing up to special interests, to hold Wall Street accountable, fighting the insurance industry to make sure health care isn’t denied to our children because of a preexisting condition, working to eliminate subsidies to banks so young people can afford a college education, and Kendrick strongly opposes extending tax breaks for the wealthy and has worked tirelessly to expand the middle class and support small businesses.

So please join me in supporting Kendrick Meek for Senate.

Because if we work together, he will win.

Now, do you think the president would be doing this if he thought there was any chance that the Democrat would drop out of the race for US Senate in this key swing state of Florida? I understand that there’s freedom of speech in this country, and people can think and say anything they like. But still, why does any thinking person say that Kendrick Meek might leave the race to two Republicans?


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  1. Dear Voter,

    Re: On bank motgage fraud

    This is the most important issue we will face in Florida in the coming future. The nature of real estate transactions will be affected by this.

    The Nov 2, 2010, election for attorney general will define who will represent us as our attorney as a state in this topic.

    We will need to chose between Dan Gelber and Pam Bondi. The bank that is foreclosing on you, your neighbor, or the comparable down that street that is being used to value your house, may have committed fraud in the processing of that foreclosure.

    The chief law-enforcement officer in the state of florida is not the governor, the Senator or the Congressman. It is the attorney general.

    Republican Pam Bondi has limited experience in the prosecuting of criminal cases and has no other experience than this. She was prosecuting DUIs in Hillsborough County Court and was not involved in the poltical process or even voting while her opponent was a an attorney for a US Senator investigating international terrorism.

    Pam Bondi is trying to get elected through FOX TV appearances and youtube commercials and unwilling to debate her opponent on the issues we all confront. She is a poltical pawn of the present attorney general, Bill McCollum, and does not have the breathe of experience to be our chief law-enforcement officer.

    Dan Gelber should be the next attorney general.

    Do not allow your poltiical partisanship to blur who is the better attorney in this race.

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