FLSen: 88th reason to vote for Kendrick Meek

AKA why NOT to vote for Charlie Crist. He has such weak standards that he can’t bring himself to say he’s against the Republican candidate for governor, fraud artist Rick Scott. Here’s a link to a piece on the Tampa Tribune website that quotes Crist as saying of Alex Sink and Rick Scott, the Democratic and Republican candidates for governor:

“I think both candidates are trying very hard … I wish them both the best.”

Most of us in Florida are more likely to think that Rick Scott is trying very hard to get into position to rip off the entire Sunshine State. Well, maybe only skim off a couple billion.

UPDATE: In case anyone is thinking of voting out in the far-right field, here’s the latest on Marco Rubio from the Meek campaign: http://www.kendrickmeek.com/pages/rubio



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  1. […] Larry Thorson of the Miami-Dade Democratic Party goes after Charlie Crist for waffling on his choice for governor. […]

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