Why advertisers should drop Fox

Thanks to Media Matters, we’ve got information on who advertises and why we should stop watching Fox (I paid $10 to an MLB.com service so I can watch the baseball playoffs and the World Series without the arrogant Fox broadcasters. “Cole Hamels will start pitching as soon as I read this lineup,” said Joe Buck in the first inning Tuesday). The reason is Glenn Beck and his hate-mongering. Here’s the link with names of advertisers and a letter you can sign to them.

Your blogger has just returned from a week on the road with considerable time driving and listening to Glenn Beck when he was on — all in the nature of research, mind you. The only ads during his radio show, at least while I was listening, were Gold Line, Angie’s List and Stamps.com. Show them the door, and thanks.

Those who need a little background on where the tea party and Glenn Beck are coming from are urged to set aside an hour to read the New Yorker (Oct. 18 issue) article laying out the roots in the John Birch Society of my boyhood. This is a dire situation we’re in. Author Sean Wilentz, in his last few paragraphs, says the tea party and Beck are “the extreme right wing” that is “on the verge of securing a degree of power over Congress and the Republican Party that is unprecedented in modern American history.” His kicker: “it is an alarming state of affairs.”

Has the president awoken to the need to describe this fully? The author says no. Your blogger isn’t so sure. But I do agree with his admonition:

“In the absence of forthright leadership, on both the right and the left, the job of standing up to extremists appears to have been left to the electorate.”

In other words: Get out the vote!

And it won’t hurt to start right away to act against Fox.


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