Tim Kaine: Karl Rove is “architect of the whole thing”

Your blogger has been thinking the same thing about Karl Rove’s role in the Republican political strategy for a long time, so it was good to catch Democratic Party Chairman Tim Kaine in the same line of thought. Kaine was in South Florida for a couple days of campaigning with our candidates, on Friday appearing with US Senate nominee Kendrick Meek and US House candidate Joe Garcia (FL-25) in a rally in Homestead. On Saturday Kaine gave a talk to a couple dozen volunteer canvassers and phone-bankers in the campaign headquarters operated by the vigorous Democrats of South Dade Club.

You’ll find the Karl Rove quote about 6:30 into the video. Keep on looking after that to see the inventive Rick Scott mask — scary, huh? Kaine also stressed how important it is for our Democratic candidate Alex Sink to beat Scott, as this race for Florida’s governor is one of too many around the country in which self-financed wealthy Republicans are trying to buy their way into offices.

And right on schedule, the Alex Sink campaign declared Saturday that Scott had written a new check for $3.5 million to his campaign. Expect a fresh and slimy flood of negative stuff from Scott.

What more can we expect from a Republican Party given over to the tactics of Karl Rove, who has decades of experience in dirty tricks?


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