Alex Sink for Governor


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  1. What you two did not know was a slap in the face to the working people. If you two had to live on the min wage you would have known what it is. .And you to want people to vote you in to run our state. Why dont you help the people that you say you care about. Instead of blowing billions on neg ads.about one another. We dont care about listening to what you both have to say about each other. We want to know what you are going to do for us the small people. I & my wife are on S.S. like a lot of seniors.

  2. Tell me, Paul, do you know every fact in the political world? That’s one of those trick questions that only 0.2 percent of the population could answer: What’s the minimum wage? Your blogger, like you, is a senior on Social Security plus a little pension and savings. I used to be a very well informed reporter, but I couldn’t tell you accurately the minimum wage in Florida. I’m sorry to say this, but your comment appears to come from the viewpoint of me, me, me, and only I matter. Someone who’s running for governor has to think of all Floridians, plus Florida’s position in the United States and the wider world, and the exact data about the minimum wage is something to be looked up when necessary. If a governor only spent time on the “small people,” as you say, the state would not flourish. Alex Sink has a strong program for jobs and health care and education and resistance to Republican efforts to put a known fraudster in charge of state government. If you don’t vote for her, you should ask yourself if you really care about small people. She’s your best answer in this contest.

  3. alex sink should not CONCEDED to rick quickly >> DEMANDED A RECOUNT!! >> THIS WAS TOO CLOSE TO CALL SO FAST!!.. gave up to fast, and other ballots were still out there to be counted!!

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