Remember the Florida county with the misaligned butterfly ballots?

It was Palm Beach County, back in 2000. Ooops. Too bad that the misaligned ballots cost Al Gore hundreds of votes from old Jews who mistakenly punched their ballots for Pat Buchanan even though they reviled his view of Hitler’s Germany.

Are they at it again there? Screwing up an election? Here’s a long narrative from Daily Kos reporting on a Republican poll-watcher whose behavior in the voting area seems to have been way out of line.

  • Is using a cell phone in the voting area not permitted? Yes, and he did it anyway.
  • Might he have been taking photos with his phone even though photography is not permitted in the voting area? Yes.
  • Does it seem he was in an area not permitted for poll-watching? Yes.

Three strikes and you’re out? Yes. What about the complaint by the author of the blog post? Seems it was lost.


2 Responses

  1. It would have been appropriate to use the verbiage “elderly Jewish voters” rather than talking about the votes of “old Jews.” The tenor of that language is anti-Semitic.

  2. Certainly not intended as such. This will be filed away for future use.

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