What just happened? How did Kendrick Meek get sideswiped?

It’s becoming clear now. Charlie Crist, one of the more devious people in politics, got the ball rolling that resulted in the rumor that Kendrick Meek was going to drop out of the US Senate race so that Crist would have enough votes to defeat Marco Rubio.

Last night I got first wind of this in a call from a friend urgently saying that CNN had a tip that Meek would leave the race. Four hours later watching the Channel 7 local news (after the World Series, that’s why I was on a Fox station that otherwise gets none of my eyeball time), I saw three video clips that laid out much of what had happened.

  • First was Meek in his 9:30 pm news conference saying he’d never drop out and blaming the mushrooming rumor on some people who try to interfere.
  • Then was Crist saying something mealymouthed enough to make me suspicious.
  • Then was Bill Clinton looking gaunt and guilty saying Crist had initiated the contact and he couldn’t say much more detail because he was a friend of Crist’s and was bound by confidentiality.

Pretty clear that Crist was the source of this fiasco, right? Not Meek, not Clinton. Crist.

Now the next morning I’m reading the invaluable Daily Clips email from Progress Florida, and at the very top is a link to the Greg Sargent blog at the Washington Post, and again we see that Crist is identified as the fly in the ointment.

Just checking at WSVN.com, and I see that the video of last night’s late news item is not available, but they include the AP story that runs the same drift as I do.

In conclusion: Your blogger is hard-pressed to understand why any Democrat would vote for this conniving Charlie Crist. He’s bad for our political future.

UPDATE: Can’t resist the cartoon from the Miami Herald showing Crist trying to explain to a fuming elephant what he’s been up to.


2 Responses

  1. Rubio.

  2. Well, if it’s Rubio, why don’t we name Jeb Bush as the reason — at least for that aspect of this race. Jeb is another politician from the Karl Rove school of misdirection and slippery tricks, and Rubio is the spawn now set to ruin as much of the country as they can while getting rich.

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