FLSen: Kendrick Meek early vote event with Heat star Dwayne Wade

Your blogger had the Flip camcorder in action on Thursday all over Miami, and here’s a few seconds of Kendrick Meek with Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat at an event to promote early voting. This was in downtown Miami at the County Hall building.

Hours later we got into the plot line of Charlie Crist’s fantasy: that Kendrick would drop out (with Bill Clinton’s intervention) and Crist would climb in public approval and snatch the US Senate seat from the Jeb Bush protege Marco Rubio. Tell me: Does it look here as if Congressman Meek was thinking of dropping out of the race? Was he canceling campaign events? Did he have a resigned look on his face? No? So you agree with me that Charlie Crist made this up in his dreams and got Politico and the Wall Street Journal to go along.



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