Four questions for Republicans, from Daily Kos

Our side’s leading political blog has a short summary of our situation so good that they’re running it every day in the runup to the election.

Read it at this link and you’ll agree that likely Republican voters should ask themselves these four questions before casting their ballots.

A hint to the answers:

  1. Job creation is better now under Barack Obama than under George W. Bush.
  2. The federal deficit is down now under President Obama, compared with Bush.
  3. All the stock market indices are up now.
  4. The Republican who would be Speaker if the Republicans take the House? Yes, he’s the one campaigning for a candidate who dresses up like a Nazi.

And if you follow the links in the Kos post, you end up with the video of Rick Scott professing not to know anything while giving a deposition under oath. These Republicans are the pits, and Bill Clinton’s right — in a normal election year, the Democrats should be up by 25 points. When this is over, we have to analyze why this situation is so abnormal. And take action.


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