The Hispanic vote eluded us Dems

So it’s reported on the Miami Herald’s Naked Politics blog. Hey, that’s not all that eluded us. I’m just back from a meeting where we Democrats moaned about the poor result of the 2010 mid-term election, and we started planning what to do to recoup in 2012.

For the record, you’ll find me down in the comments on Naked Politics, declaring:

This is something we Democrats will have to analyze and figure out how to win back our natural allies. They will find that the Republicans, even Rubio, will not clear the way to equal opportunity or help them with jobs and education and health care — everything they need to rise in this country, whether recent immigrants or many generations here. Just watch what the huge Republican majority in Tallahassee will do. Wall Street will love it. Main Street will suffer.

This goes for all of the voting communities, not only the Hispanics.

The worst statistic, to me, was the overall comparison with 2008, when Barack Obama won Miami-Dade County with over 491,000 votes, 140,000 more than John McCain. The turnout was far lower this year, and Alex Sink won Miami-Dade with 268,000 votes. That was some 60,000 more than Rick Scott. But look at those numbers again. Obama’s vote total was 220,000-plus higher than Sink’s. Those missing votes would have made Sink Florida’s first woman governor.

I know, there’s some apples and oranges there. Turnout is higher in presidential years. But what were the Republicans running against in Florida? “Obama-care.”  The stimulus. The president was “on” the ballot, even though he wasn’t.

We won’t make that mistake again. Er, those mistakes.


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  1. The reality of this matter is that Democrats have never and will not embrace or include Hispanics here in Florida with the exception of a few tokens or tio toms. The Republicans went after all Hispanics and even hired them no matter what party they belonged to. My question is , why didn’t the Democrats hire hire local people or spend their money in local business’? This is the major reason of loosing and always hiring the same NBL’s(natural born loosers) to do the campaigns without even understanding the nature of the constituents. So, blame all the so called strategists and consultants that take the Democratic money and God knows what they do with it, not spend it locally.

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