FL-18 Callous: What other word applies to denying clean water?

There’s a story over on Huffington Post that puts my member of Congress in a poor light. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida District 18 is blocking action on a bill that aims to provide 100 million of the poorest people on earth with clean drinking water.

Part of the reason for this is, alas, way too few joined me in voting against her. People think Ros-Lehtinen is nice, that she does a good job bringing money back to the district. Is it nice to block action on a bill to help poor people get clean drinking water? Not at all. It is callous. Will she bring any money to the district when her party is against all expenditures that don’t fall into their ideological basket? No, I suspect that flow is going to run out.

So it will be interesting to see Ros-Lehtinen in her new role as chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. She no longer will be able to sit obscurely with the minority scrubs in the back rows. Her rulings and blockades will become news, and then maybe we will learn who pulls her strings, whether she knows much about the world beyond the 18th District, and whether any of her opinions stand up to examination.

Your blogger ran his Flip video camera last February when she spoke to the Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club in Miami Beach — part of her constituency, which includes a lot of coastal southeast Florida in addition to some strongly Cuban neighborhoods and the Florida Keys. In just a few sentences she mangled the federal budget, on which her house of Congress has primary responsibility.


And please take the time to call her office and urge her to ease up on the poor people of the world who need clean drinking water. The number is 305-668-2285.


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  1. Wait, wait…what could possibly, ever put Ros-Lehtinen in a good light? Are we surprised?

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