FL-18: Ros-Lehtinen rejects bill to fight forced child marriages

The grinch of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, my member of Congress, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, managed to squash a bill to commit the United States to fight forced child marriages. Here’s the story from The Cable. We see that her zeal to save money is greater than the goal of fewer forced child marriages in this world. How much was saved? About 30 cents per capita in this hard hard country.


One Response

  1. The United States is just this close to putting a stop to forced child marriages. But no, some Congressperson squashed that bill which is made with loads of people’s common sense. What is ironic to note that it was no man who squashed that bill but a blooming woman (argh!).

    If she thinks it is okay to squash that bill which is supposed every child then she is trying to imply that it is okay to allow some little girl’s future to be shattered by forced child marriage and possibly, by some paedophiles waiting to take advantage of the poor child. Ros-Lehtinen should know better how forced child marriages not only robs a child her future but also destroys her mentally, physically and emotionally.

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