Need arguments to back your friends in the public sector unions?

Here’s a link to the AFSCME blog with a clip from the Rachel Maddow show — all the background and facts you’d need to blow Bill O’Reilly out of the water if he goes ranting about the public sector workers who are wrecking the economy.

The other day I attended the Miami Beach Tuesday Morning Breakfast Club (I guess it was Tuesday, now that I think of it) where Mayor Matti Bower Herrera made her usual early-January appearance, and someone asked a question about city finances and whether she would be able to squeeze more money out of the public sector unions.

Shocking was the baying for blood that arose from the crowd of generally senior citizens — baying at the thought of ripping more from the new big, bad wolf. The mayor seemed to fall in line with the drift of the question, but after a while pointed out that the city already has received big concessions from the unions, to the point that city workers are giving up on average $13,000 in pay.

This is the new national hobbyhorse for the right-wing zealots who see an opportunity to kill another sector of organized labor. Public sector unions are willing to help. But they were promised pensions and benefits, and many are not covered by Social Security at all. This is a story that the Rachel Maddow show is helping to tell. Take a look.


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