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Joe Garcia: Gov. Scott will overstep, “Give ’em hell”

About 300 people attended the MoveOn-organized rally to support Wisconsin in downtown Miami Saturday afternoon, with a strong contingent from organized labor including the Teamsters, SFSCME and teachers and health workers, along with a lot of sympathizers.

Your blogger was there, sweating in the 80-degree heat like everyone else while the giant rally in Madison attracted a snowstorm along with many tens of thousands of people. Is this why we live in Florida? Yes! But as Joe Garcia points out in this snip from my photo gear, our Republican governor, Rick Scott, is doing the same sort of thing that Wisconsin’s Scott Walker is doing, and we will have to fight the way Wisconsin does, though not with any snowdrifts — as long as we’re thinking of Miami. No guarantees for Tallahassee there in the frozen north of Florida.

I’ll post this now, and try to assemble more material to add on.

UPDATE: To prove what I said above, here’s a video from Saturday’s rally in Madison. The white stuff falling through the frame is snow.

I found this on the Fire Dog Lake blog, which noted that they’re not just standing around there, there’s organizing taking place. This is like what took place in Egypt, which is now headed into something entirely new. Or not …

More anon.


2 Responses

  1. How many legislators can fit into the same bed?

    In Wisconsin, what is stunning to me is that neither Governor Walker nor the Legislature has proposed lowering their salaries and benefits first.

    This is a mirror image of the US House where the members making over $170,000 per year with an unbelievable medical and retirement package insist that balancing the budget has to be done by not providing the public with medical and retirement packages similar to theirs, and by cutting the incomes of people who make less than $15,000 a year.

    Governor Walker, the Wisconsin legislature, our own Ileana, and her colleagues should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. Based on the possibly illegal rejection of Federal money for Florida, and if a Court rules that the rejection is illegal, hpw about initiating a Recall of our Governor?

    I would like to be a part of that recall and I would like to be a part of ANY moves to hurt Florida and its employees as the Republicans of Wisconsin and Ohio have hurt their States..

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