What’s your well-being index?

Yes, a little excursion into pop psychology, thanks to the New York Times Week in Review Your blogger looked at the big map of the USA with shades of white to black by congressional district, indicating how well people felt about their lives, as expressed to Gallup phone pollsters.

I was chagrinned to see that the 17th District hit the negative jackpot with “the most people who felt sad” during the previous day. Well, that’s simple mood rather than the full spectrum of rankings on many indices, so I hope the fine people in District 17 will be feeling better soon.

My own District 18, though it suffers with the eternal “representation” by Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of the GOP, ranks quite high overall, perhaps because many of us live close to the beach.

Otherwise, those of us thinking about campaigns for the next election may find it useful to open up the link above, click through the many indices showing whether people feel good about their lives, and adjust local messages accordingly.


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