Dan Gelber talks to Miami-Dade Democrats, hints at future race

Two years ago Dan Gelber was a state senator from Miami Beach, preparing to run for higher office in 2010. At first, we will recall, he sought the Democratic nomination for US Senate, vying for the seat once held by former Gov. Bob Graham but at that time by Mel Martinez, who became one of the early Republican quitters (Palin followed) – he gave up after four years in office, and we’d still like to know how Martinez’s arm was twisted (Jeb, can you enlighten?). And then it became apparent that the Democratic establishment (Can anyone say Clinton?) wanted US Rep. Kendrick Meek of Miami to get that slot – and how did that work out? (Can someone spell Sen. Marco Rubio, he of the empty smile?)

So Dan Gelber ran instead for the nomination for state attorney general, defeated another state senator, Dave Aronberg of Greenacres, and became part of the ticket headed by Alex Sink, who followed her husband Bill McBride into gubernatorial  defeat when the 2010 votes were counted. And Gelber, like the other Democrats at the top of the statewide ticket, lost too, part of the thorough whupping the party suffered nationwide in the year of the tea party.

To cut to the news here, Dan Gelber was featured speaker Thursday at a fundraiser for the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, and said he’s still looking for an electoral fight. Inspired by the brilliant job that Gov. Rick Scott is doing to alienate the public, Gelber made this listener think he’s not running for anything in 2012 and is more likely to plunge into the statewide pool in 2014, when Scott either will have quit or will try to buy Tallahassee again with his ill-gotten gains.

A thinking person would pause here and wonder why anyone risks sanity and fortune in running for office when such as Rick Scott is standing in the way. But this dunderhead forges on to report what Gelber said.

On Rick Scott: “What this guy is doing is unbelievable.… This guy has made me actually say, I miss Jeb Bush.… We have a governor who just does not care about Floridians…. To have a governor of the state of Florida who doesn’t care about the state, well that is something else.”

On his own future: ”I suspect I will end up in public office again, or at least putting myself up for that again.”

Advice to Democrats wondering what to do: “This is what you can work for … this next election is going to define our state and our nation for the rest of our lives…. If we do not throw all these guys out … I do not know what will happen to our state and the nation…. Ask yourself everyday, What can I do to save this state and save the nation.”

A prediction: “2012 is going to be our comeback…. If they can fuel an election with anger, we can do it with hope.”

And thanks to Daisy Black, party first vice chair and mayor of El Portal, for hosting the fundraiser.


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  1. Republican candidates for next year’s election generally disclaim the scientific fact of climate change caused by man-made greenhouse gases. IF the Democrats want to win they should expose this stupid, ignorant attitude and the extreme danger it spells for the inhabitants of our planet (not just homo sapiens – what a misnomer). Compare the backward state of our country to that of Germany which produces more energy than it needs and so is able to renounce the dangers of nuclear power. Why are we so backward? Its because we are not a democracy – corporations control our government which does their bidding, not ours, to make them (and themselves) rich.

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