Cedric McMinn is new executive director of Miami-Dade Democratic Party

Your blogger likes this. Ball of fire — that’s the proper reaction to news that Cedric McMinn is executive director for the Miami-Dade Democrats. It’s the right thing to do going into an election year that we all know is the key to the future of the United States. And all eyes will be on Florida.

Thanks to Richard Lydecker, our chairman, for talking Cedric McMinn into this.

Here’s most of the news release issued for this announcement:

“With Cedric’s energy and extensive political experience, I am confident that the DEC will be well-positioned for victory in the 2012 Election,” said Richard Lydecker, chairman of the DEC. “With the unemployment rate in Miami-Dade County above 13%, a decrease in funding for education and the constant attacks on the working class, we are committed to ensuring the election of leaders who understand this community and will help bring prosperity to its residents.”

Chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz said, “Cedric McMinn is a passionate young democratic leader and I am thrilled that he has accepted this challenge. He will do an exceptional job leading the Miami-Dade Democratic party in preparation for the 2012 elections.”

“Cedric is a rising star in South Florida and a strong grassroots advocate for Democrats up and down the ballot. I congratulate him on his new role with the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, and look forward to the Party reaching newer and greater heights,” said Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.

“I am both honored and excited to serve the Democrats of the largest county in the great state of Florida. Communication, organization and mobilization will be my top priority in order for the party to move forward and succeed,” said Cedric McMinn.

McMinn has worked as a Government Relations Specialist with the law firm Becker & Poliakoff, P.A. He brings to the Miami-Dade Democratic Party a wealth of knowledge with more than 8 years of experience in political and government engagement. He previously served as President of Miami-Dade Young Democrats and recently was honored as the 2011 Young Democrat of the Year. McMinn has worked as the Legislative Aide to former State Representative Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall and served as the Deputy Political Director for the 2008 Obama/Biden Presidential Campaign in Tampa, FL.

Mr. McMinn currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Miami Children’s Initiative and on the 2010-12 Florida Democratic Party Executive Committee appointed by Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-17).

McMinn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Florida International University.


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