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Marco Rubio one of only five US senators given 100% by Koch Bros.

Barely a year in office and he already excels at taking orders from his big donors. The astroturf group called Americans for Prosperity, aka the political tool of the right-wing Koch brothers, ranks Marco Rubio with four other US senators at 100 percent and A+ for voting as commanded all the time. This link will take you to the Think Progress report on the AFP congressional scorecard.

Curious how Rubio stands out from his three Miami-Dade fellow Republicans in Florida’s US House delegation. The ethically challenged David Rivera (FL-25) gets along with a B grade from the Kochs, and the middling C is given to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-18) and Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-21). The entire scorecard is available here.


FL-Sen: Rubio exposes his shallow thinking and ghoulish sense of humor

This was no doubt a great moment for our young senator, Marco Rubio, to be invited by Nancy Reagan to give a speech at the Reagan Library. Too bad he doesn’t have much to say, and what he utters often is a cliche or nonsense.

The handlers there on Tuesday touted him as possibly the next thing to the Great Communicator that Ronald Reagan claimed to be. But was Rubio? If you have the strength, here’s the link to the whole event on C-Span. You’ll see him lose his place several times, check the text and jump around. Guy could use a teleprompter! Great communicator? Not!


Near the end, during the Q-and-A, he tries a ghoulish joke with his empty smile. Asked if he’d accept the nomination to be vice president, he said, “I have no interest in serving as vice president for anyone who could possibly live all eight years of the presidency.”  This was not a slip of the tongue, because he preceded it by saying “As I joked earlier today.” So this is something he’s actively turning over in his mind. If I were president, I’d certainly never go hunting with VP Rubio, nor eat his barbecue or drink his mojito.

The audience, by the way, didn’t laugh for so long that he kinda reminded them it was a punchline.

Here’s a Think Progress short piece on one aspect of his speech, where he condemns Social Security and Medicare and declares that these backbone social programs have made Americans lazy.  The Think Progress analysis is fine as far as it goes, but it doesn’t take the further step of asking why a US Senator doesn’t have a better mind. Why is he so shallow in his analysis of Medicare and Social Security? Well, I don’t know either.

There so many other aspects to these programs that have saved widows, the disabled and the elderly from poverty. Medicare is in long-term financial trouble because of skyrocketing medical costs, not because Americans have “become lazy.”  Social Security, far in the future, will have trouble paying current levels of benefits because tax rates are capped for the wealthy.

What does he say has happened? We used to save for these eventualities, but then the government took over the responsibility, and we got lazy, stopped saving.

This even though his own family has benefited from these programs, and he must know from the inside that’s not the way it goes. You can’t save enough now to have one serious illness with a week in the hospital, a bout of surgery, plus regular followups for the rest of your life.

In my family this has happened repeatedly. My father died of a heart attack at age 47, and survivor’s benefits provided a safety net for my mother and two younger sisters. I was already too old at 20 to benefit. Years later one of my sisters became a widow when her husband died in a traffic crash, and again, survivor’s benefits were essential support for her and her 11-year-old daughter. Years after that, I’m a heart patient on Medicare and getting decent doctoring — after paying into the system for 35 years. And I’m still paying two premiums, for Medicare and for the supplemental insurance, plus co-pays. And no one ever accused me of being lazy or not saving during my work career. Wake up, Senator! You must be dreaming.

I wonder: To whom does Rubio’s shallow portrayal of life in the United States ring true? We aren’t lazy. My mother and sister both went back to work when they become widows. We saved when we had a chance. We are not living off Social Security. We in retirement are living off our savings and investments, and Social Security provides a monthly minimum that helps maintain a careful lifestyle.

If Rubio thinks Ronald Reagan really hacked away at government spending, he’s flat wrong. This piece in The New Republic has an excellent chart showing the Reagan years with steady government spending as a percentage of GDP. Our Bill Clinton stands out for years in which the government’s spending declined as a share of GDP.

Rubio says we’ve built a government we can’t fund and calls this “an extraordinarily tragic accomplishment.” Really? Tragic? Can it possibly be “great communicating” to say we’re a tragic country? And the depressing effect of that pronouncement is not lifted when Rubio ends by saying the US still has to be a world leader.

The audience was seldom roused to applause though they did clap repeatedly when Rubio railed against government regulations. He did not mention the economic fiasco that followed lack of regulation of Wall Street.

The Rachel Maddow show’s report, of which I don’t find a video link,  started with the stumble that Nancy Reagan, a frail 90 years old, took as she came ever so slowly down the aisle on Rubio’s arm. The Maddow show had a headline saying that the gallant Rubio had rescued her from the fall. Well, I choose to see it differently. He was too eager to get to the podium and was rushing her. You can’t see it in the side view on the C-Span video, but if the Maddow show ever provides a link I’ll try to put it up and you’ll see that he’s ahead of the ancient first lady, whose steps are six inches if that, and he probably caused her to stumble in his impolite haste.

Maddow also makes good fun of what he said about infrastructure. He declares he is not against infrastructure, but it should only be “for economic development, not a jobs program.” How the heck do you separate those?

One last note. Rubio’s memory of his own wedding may be off. He told the crowd that he had only walked down the aisle with two people, his wife and Nancy Reagan. Well, we saw him walk Nancy Reagan down the aisle — albeit with difficulty. But what was his own wedding like? Usually it’s the father of the bride — not the groom — who walks her down the aisle.

I’m saying the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He just makes it up.

MoveOn demo at Miami office of Marco Rubio draws 20, plus tea party folks

Here’s a short video from Tuesday’s sun-broil outside Sen. Marco Rubio’s office in Doral, in Miami’s western suburbs.

The police kept the crowd of about 20 separate from a smaller group of tea party people who showed up with pro-GOP banners.

Motorists voted with their horns for the MoveOn position much stronger than the tea party got.

This was one of many demos around the country in recent days as MoveOn presses its campaign to “Defend the American Dream.”

A big MoveOn demo is planned next Wednesday, Aug. 10, starting at 4:30 p.m. on US 1 and Stanford Drive, in front of the University of Miami.

Dan Gelber talks to Miami-Dade Democrats, hints at future race

Two years ago Dan Gelber was a state senator from Miami Beach, preparing to run for higher office in 2010. At first, we will recall, he sought the Democratic nomination for US Senate, vying for the seat once held by former Gov. Bob Graham but at that time by Mel Martinez, who became one of the early Republican quitters (Palin followed) – he gave up after four years in office, and we’d still like to know how Martinez’s arm was twisted (Jeb, can you enlighten?). And then it became apparent that the Democratic establishment (Can anyone say Clinton?) wanted US Rep. Kendrick Meek of Miami to get that slot – and how did that work out? (Can someone spell Sen. Marco Rubio, he of the empty smile?)

So Dan Gelber ran instead for the nomination for state attorney general, defeated another state senator, Dave Aronberg of Greenacres, and became part of the ticket headed by Alex Sink, who followed her husband Bill McBride into gubernatorial  defeat when the 2010 votes were counted. And Gelber, like the other Democrats at the top of the statewide ticket, lost too, part of the thorough whupping the party suffered nationwide in the year of the tea party.

To cut to the news here, Dan Gelber was featured speaker Thursday at a fundraiser for the Miami-Dade Democratic Party, and said he’s still looking for an electoral fight. Inspired by the brilliant job that Gov. Rick Scott is doing to alienate the public, Gelber made this listener think he’s not running for anything in 2012 and is more likely to plunge into the statewide pool in 2014, when Scott either will have quit or will try to buy Tallahassee again with his ill-gotten gains.

A thinking person would pause here and wonder why anyone risks sanity and fortune in running for office when such as Rick Scott is standing in the way. But this dunderhead forges on to report what Gelber said.

On Rick Scott: “What this guy is doing is unbelievable.… This guy has made me actually say, I miss Jeb Bush.… We have a governor who just does not care about Floridians…. To have a governor of the state of Florida who doesn’t care about the state, well that is something else.”

On his own future: ”I suspect I will end up in public office again, or at least putting myself up for that again.”

Advice to Democrats wondering what to do: “This is what you can work for … this next election is going to define our state and our nation for the rest of our lives…. If we do not throw all these guys out … I do not know what will happen to our state and the nation…. Ask yourself everyday, What can I do to save this state and save the nation.”

A prediction: “2012 is going to be our comeback…. If they can fuel an election with anger, we can do it with hope.”

And thanks to Daisy Black, party first vice chair and mayor of El Portal, for hosting the fundraiser.

The Hispanic vote eluded us Dems

So it’s reported on the Miami Herald’s Naked Politics blog. Hey, that’s not all that eluded us. I’m just back from a meeting where we Democrats moaned about the poor result of the 2010 mid-term election, and we started planning what to do to recoup in 2012.

For the record, you’ll find me down in the comments on Naked Politics, declaring:

This is something we Democrats will have to analyze and figure out how to win back our natural allies. They will find that the Republicans, even Rubio, will not clear the way to equal opportunity or help them with jobs and education and health care — everything they need to rise in this country, whether recent immigrants or many generations here. Just watch what the huge Republican majority in Tallahassee will do. Wall Street will love it. Main Street will suffer.

This goes for all of the voting communities, not only the Hispanics.

The worst statistic, to me, was the overall comparison with 2008, when Barack Obama won Miami-Dade County with over 491,000 votes, 140,000 more than John McCain. The turnout was far lower this year, and Alex Sink won Miami-Dade with 268,000 votes. That was some 60,000 more than Rick Scott. But look at those numbers again. Obama’s vote total was 220,000-plus higher than Sink’s. Those missing votes would have made Sink Florida’s first woman governor.

I know, there’s some apples and oranges there. Turnout is higher in presidential years. But what were the Republicans running against in Florida? “Obama-care.”  The stimulus. The president was “on” the ballot, even though he wasn’t.

We won’t make that mistake again. Er, those mistakes.

FLSen: Kendrick Meek early vote event with Heat star Dwayne Wade

Your blogger had the Flip camcorder in action on Thursday all over Miami, and here’s a few seconds of Kendrick Meek with Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat at an event to promote early voting. This was in downtown Miami at the County Hall building.

Hours later we got into the plot line of Charlie Crist’s fantasy: that Kendrick would drop out (with Bill Clinton’s intervention) and Crist would climb in public approval and snatch the US Senate seat from the Jeb Bush protege Marco Rubio. Tell me: Does it look here as if Congressman Meek was thinking of dropping out of the race? Was he canceling campaign events? Did he have a resigned look on his face? No? So you agree with me that Charlie Crist made this up in his dreams and got Politico and the Wall Street Journal to go along.


What just happened? How did Kendrick Meek get sideswiped?

It’s becoming clear now. Charlie Crist, one of the more devious people in politics, got the ball rolling that resulted in the rumor that Kendrick Meek was going to drop out of the US Senate race so that Crist would have enough votes to defeat Marco Rubio.

Last night I got first wind of this in a call from a friend urgently saying that CNN had a tip that Meek would leave the race. Four hours later watching the Channel 7 local news (after the World Series, that’s why I was on a Fox station that otherwise gets none of my eyeball time), I saw three video clips that laid out much of what had happened.

  • First was Meek in his 9:30 pm news conference saying he’d never drop out and blaming the mushrooming rumor on some people who try to interfere.
  • Then was Crist saying something mealymouthed enough to make me suspicious.
  • Then was Bill Clinton looking gaunt and guilty saying Crist had initiated the contact and he couldn’t say much more detail because he was a friend of Crist’s and was bound by confidentiality.

Pretty clear that Crist was the source of this fiasco, right? Not Meek, not Clinton. Crist.

Now the next morning I’m reading the invaluable Daily Clips email from Progress Florida, and at the very top is a link to the Greg Sargent blog at the Washington Post, and again we see that Crist is identified as the fly in the ointment.

Just checking at WSVN.com, and I see that the video of last night’s late news item is not available, but they include the AP story that runs the same drift as I do.

In conclusion: Your blogger is hard-pressed to understand why any Democrat would vote for this conniving Charlie Crist. He’s bad for our political future.

UPDATE: Can’t resist the cartoon from the Miami Herald showing Crist trying to explain to a fuming elephant what he’s been up to.