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Marco Rubio one of only five US senators given 100% by Koch Bros.

Barely a year in office and he already excels at taking orders from his big donors. The astroturf group called Americans for Prosperity, aka the political tool of the right-wing Koch brothers, ranks Marco Rubio with four other US senators at 100 percent and A+ for voting as commanded all the time. This link will take you to the Think Progress report on the AFP congressional scorecard.

Curious how Rubio stands out from his three Miami-Dade fellow Republicans in Florida’s US House delegation. The ethically challenged David Rivera (FL-25) gets along with a B grade from the Kochs, and the middling C is given to Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (FL-18) and Mario Diaz-Balart (FL-21). The entire scorecard is available here.


Herald: FL-25 race in the national spotlight

In case you missed it (I understand this is abbreviated on cooler blogs as ICYMI, and I’ll try to be cooler in future), here’s a link to the Miami Herald story on the importance of Joe Garcia’s race to win the 25th District seat in the US House.

To recap things said again and again here, this is a chance to take a seat the Republicans have held far too long. We in South Florida are blessed with three of these missions of national impact: Joe Garcia’s race, Kendrick Meek’s race to take away a Republican seat in the US Senate (given up by quitter Mel Martinez of distant memory), and Alex Sink’s race to take the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee back from the likes of Charlie Crist (another quitter) and keep it from the disgraced businessman Rick Scott. It should be pointed out that Joe Garcia is also dealing with a Republican quitter situation, since Mario Diaz-Balart is quitting District 25 to run in supposedly safer District 21, where his brother Lincoln has quit.

Do I see a thorough pattern of Republican quitting here in our home county? What does this say about their morale?

These races, all of which look doable, should make us all wonder about the national punditry that foresees a roundhouse defeat for the Democrats in this midterm election. Are a lot of other races around the country in similar situations? Are Democrats poised elsewhere to take from Republicans? Will things trend in our direction as voters focus closer on their choices?

The answers look pretty positive to me. They’re not 100 percent beautiful and certain, but part of the answer must rest on us as campaigners. We work hard, our candidates work hard, President Obama has turned up the heat a lot this week, and we should turn some corners and see victory when everything’s counted on Nov. 2.

Some of the pundits are pointing to the many places where things could be going right for the Democrats around the nation. Here’s a roundup on Huffington Post that I pumped out to Twitter followers the other day. Remember, a lot of the analysis you see in the mainstream media comes from undeclared conservatives. Chin up.